PmX-5050: Continuous Particulate Matter Monitoring System

Ecology and environmental protection problems have become the most urgent due to the growing emission of harmful substances into the environment, including human waste and exhaust gases. It is especially important to deal with air pollution, which affects human health. Many countries have laws that limit harmful emissions and regulate levels of air pollution in the workplace. It is for these reasons that air pollution monitoring is a very urgent task in today’s world.

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Several methods are available to monitor air pollution levels, including absorption with spectral analysis, electrochemistry, flame ionization, and chemiluminescence. Most of these methods require laboratory conditions for analysis, which makes regular monitoring of atmospheric air pollution a very difficult and expensive task. That’s why the X-ray fluorescence method is so attractive for atmospheric air analysis: it combines high analysis speed, accuracy and ease-of-use, which makes monitoring easy. 

There are many XRF analyzers currently available on the market designed for a wide range of applications, and atmospheric air analysis is no exception. The ElvaX PmX-5050 spectrometer is the ideal choice for monitoring heavy metals and other harmful components in the air. This spectrometer is fully autonomous and provides up to three months of continuous autonomous operation, allowing you to analyze the evolution of air composition over long periods of time. This is particularly useful for the implementation of new emission filtration and air purification methods, as it allows a direct assessment of their effectiveness. Continuous analysis is more informative than a single measurement, as it can provide the averaged over a long period of time content of harmful elements and fluctuations in their content. This will make it easier and more reliable to localize and counteract sources of pollution. The ElvaX PmX-5050 analyzer also has built-in correction for environmental parameters such as pressure, temperature and humidity, providing reliable results that are unaffected by changes in weather over long monitoring periods. The technology and measurement results of this analyzer are fully compliant with the international standard EPA IO-3.3. In addition, the ElvaX PmX-5050 analyzer has an intuitive interface, and an extremely simple calibration and filter tape replacement procedure, which allows efficient use of the instrument even by operators with minimal training.

All of this makes the ElvaX PmX-5050 spectrometer an excellent choice for both industrial and scientific applications where regular monitoring of atmospheric air content is required. Combining ease of use with high analytical accuracy, the instrument has the ability to provide data on harmful elements in the air over long periods of time, which is especially useful when implementing new emission filtration and air purification methods. In addition, the ElvaX PmX-5050 spectrometer is a fully self-contained instrument that requires little cost or effort on the part of the operator to perform the analysis.