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We are proud to offer ElvaX line of XRF spectrometric equipment ranged from desktop to handheld analyzers. XRF spectrometers provide fast and precise qualitative and quantitative analysis of elemental compositions. Capable of detecting elements from Na to U the ElvaX XRF spectrometers applications include: Precious and Non-Precious Metals, RoHS/WEEE and Prop 65 Compliance, Lead and Cadmium in a wide range of products, Environmental monitoring, Art and Archeology, Mining, Construction Materials, Scientific Research and more.

We offer solutions, not just XRF instruments

Our XRF spectrometers have been developed to solve an analytical problem in the shortest possible way. The analytical calibration database is based on a carefully selected library of references for all major types of materials. Powerful hardware combined with unique software algorithms make our XRF spectrometers a multipurpose lab instrument for elemental analysis of various materials including solids, powders, liquids, etc.

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