Precious Metals Analysis

Precious metals and their alloys are widely used in the jewelry industry, electronics, laboratory equipment, medicine, banking sector. The elemental composition of precious metals determines their physical (strength, ductility, color, corrosion resistance) and consumer properties.

Precious metals analysis

XRF analysis is the most convenient and universal method for determining the elemental composition of precious metal alloys. The main advantages of XRF are:

– non-destructive way of the analysis – the object remains in its original form, there are no material losses

– high speed of analysis – the result is ready in a few seconds

– high accuracy

– no extra sample preparation

– simultaneous analysis of all components of the alloy

– detection of harmful and forbidden elements (Cd, Pb, Ir, Ru)

– the ability to analyze objects of different sizes and shapes

– recognition of gilding and other coatings

– no need of consumables

For the elemental analysis of precious metal alloys, Elvatech offers hand-held, mobile and benchtop X-ray fluorescence analyzer ElvaX JL

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