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27 years we've been constantly improving our technologies to meet the growing demands of our clients and, therefore, became the ones, who are setting standards in the EDXRF industry.
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Since 1991 all hardware for our spectrometers has been developed and produced in-house.

Our company policy is to develop all electronic components and mechanical parts for our XRF spectrometers on our own to reach the maximum analytical performance

Application Support

Our laboratory is ready to manage complex analytical tasks of the most demanding customers all over the world. Elvatech software can be quickly adapted to the needs of a particular application.

Timely Maintenance

Our priority is to minimize downtime of our instrument by efficient and timely service and delivery.

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Our team can quickly adapt or modify every spectrometer of the product line, so you are ready to solve new tasks for everyday production challenges.
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Temporary Work From Home Policy For Our Sales Department

As COVID-19, otherwise known as Coronavirus, affected Ukraine among other countries, Elvatech have taken measures to ensure that our team is protected and that we are still here for you.

Those members of our team that can work remotely will work from home starting from today. This includes our Sales Department. For the period of the quarantine our company’s telephone (+38 044 599-11-43) may be unavailable. Instead, please call +38 093 458 05 90 for all your queries.

Our Production works as usual to complete your orders.

We wish you and your families health and safety and will notify you when things get back to normal.