Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Positive Material Identification is the detection of materials through non-destructive element spectrometry in samples of metals, steel, and alloys, which is used to check the component composition of ores, soils, and other liquid and powder samples. This technology is widely used in various industries, numerous research, and academic laboratories worldwide due to the quickness and accuracy of the analysis. XRF PMI machine is usually used for these purposes.

XRF Testing for Safety Positive Material Identification

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) is the simplest and the most precise analytical method used for material identification. The measurement accuracy of results it gives out impresses. Moreover, the specifications of XRF PMI testing make it one of the most economic methods highly regarded in the commercial sphere. It requires no, or very little, sample preparation.

Two metal samples may look almost identical but will have different values due to their component composition. After all, an alloy’s grade will influence its resistance to heat and corrosion, as well as its overall durability. XRF Testing helps to avoid consequences as severe as industrial accidents. A failure in mechanical integrity can have devastating effects – examples include stress corrosion cracking, weak welded joints, and, in a worst-case scenario, refinery explosions. With proper research, you can confirm that every bought-in part of your system meets safety regulations and that replacement parts are of the proper alloy grade – thus eliminating catastrophic safety failures.

Positive Material Identification guns developed by Elvatech based on X-ray Fluorescence have excellent collaboration stability, compensation of ambient temperature, and pressure influence. All instruments and devices are harmless for usage because the dose rate of rays does not exceed the natural background at a distance of 10 cm from the surface at all available points of the machine.

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Our XRF Spectrometers and Analyzers Can Identify Alloy Grades in Various Base

AlloysPMI testing equipment developed by Elvatech is famous for its convenience in usage and accuracy of material composition identification. Our PMI Analyzers based on XRF have a large selection of positive materials they identify. Magnesium and aluminum alloys, stainless and tool steels, solders, titanium and nickel alloys, copper alloys, brasses and bronzes, zinc and cobalt alloys, low alloy steels, and so on. The list of materials the PMI guns identify is far from complete.

Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer for PMI

To make the usage of devices simple and convenient, Elvatech has devised Portable PMI XRF Analyzers. With hand-held PMI X-ray guns, you have a whole laboratory in one hand everywhere at any time.

Now it will not be difficult for you to determine the composition of the finished product or even hard-to-reach wire, without spoiling its integrity.

The quality of the testing guns Elvatech produces can be characterized by a high speed of operations, long-lasting serviceability, highest stability, and measurement accuracy.

Pooling all the strong points of Portable PMI XRF Analyzers together, we get the best instruments suitable for composition identification.

Taking all the nuances into account, Elvatech has developed two types of PMI gun – ProSpector2 and ProSpector3. ProSpector2 operates at a high speed (above 500,000 CPS count rate). Fast and accurate analysis is what sets it apart.

The long-term battery keeps you running for 10 hours without interruption. Such a charge will allow you to do the job without wasting time on recharging the device.

This PMI X-ray gun can be justly proud of detector protection and radiation safety it provides – IR Proximity sensors and low count detection quite well monitor the correctness of the work.

Full compatibility with Elvax PC Software and Bluetooth printer will speed up your work and output of analysis results.

ProSpector3 is a hand-held analyzer known for being the world’s fastest and the smallest testing gun ever existed. It has an automatic collimator changer specialized for small spot analysis of jewelry and welds.

A significant advantage of ProSpector3 is considered to be the water and dust resistance of the instrument body. This PMI Analyzer can be opened underwater.

Folding display makes the work process convenient. There is no necessity for the PC connection what makes the lab operation easier. Also, there is a USB, WIFI, and Bluetooth connection, along with a MicroSD Socket.

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