Accessories that make working with the analyzer faster and more efficient

Elvatech handheld XRF analyzers can be equipped with a number of accessories to extend their capabilities or increase the convenience of working with the instrument. Available accessories for the handheld analyzers include:

Laboratory Stand

The Laboratory Stand for Handheld Analyzer is an essential addition to your handheld XRF spectrometer when you frequently need to analyze large quantities of samples. It conveniently holds the instrument in place so you do not need to hold it in your hand during measurement and also provides additional protection for the user during measurement. When combined with the ability to connect a handheld analyzer to a computer and a lab stand, the handheld analyzer effectively becomes a benchtop analyzer in its capabilities, allowing the same instrument to be used as a lab and field analyzer.

Lab stands for ProSpector 2 and ProSpector 3

Belt holster

A convenient belt holster for handheld analyzers allows you to have your hands free when needed while always having your XRF spectrometer ready to take measurements.  The integrated protection against accidental turn on combined with a spare battery compartment ensures maximum uptime without the need for recharging.

Protective Silicone Case

Protective silicone case provides ultimate protection in case of accidental dropping of the spectrometer, from dust and dirt, especially important when working in the field. It does not cover the detector or tube windows so there is no need to remove it when taking measurements. The additional protection, will help keep the instrument clean and provide reliable protection from damage, which can significantly extend the life of the handheld analyzer without compromising the convenience or performance of the instrument.

Silicone cases for ProSpector 2 and ProSpector 3

Extra battery and charging unit

The ProSpector portable XRF analyzers have a “hot-swap” battery feature which, with additional charged batteries, allows you to quickly replace a discharged battery with a new one without interrupting the operation of the instrument. Thus, the presence of additional batteries can provide full autonomy of the device for a long time (each battery will provide more than 10 hours of work). The charging unit allows additional batteries to be charged outside of the instrument.

Protective case for high temperature operation

The Prospector 2 can be equipped with a special case which protects the instrument and the operator’s hands when analyzing very hot samples, allowing the XRF analyzer to be used under extreme conditions such as when analyzing the composition of metals and alloys during heat treatment.

Nozzle for weld analysis

This special nozzle is a necessary addition to the XRF analyzer for weld analysis. The main task of this nozzle is to focus the analysis area directly on the weld area, for accurate analysis of the weld affected area. Since the composition of the weld may differ from that of the unaffected sample, focusing the measurement area is a necessary step for accurate analysis of the weld.

Thus, Elvatech handheld analyzers can be equipped with a wide range of optional accessories to complement and extend the capabilities and applications of the instrument.

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