Gold Analysis

Analyzing gold is extremely necessary and relevant today since the products must correspond to the declared quality. The ability to quickly and accurately analyze gold is essential for narrow-profile specialists. For example, in the field of science, research, laboratories, and enterprises. Suppose you’re working in the jewelry industry, with precious metals traders, or you are a jewelry store owner. In that case, gold testing machines for you will be extremely useful and so necessary. 

Gold Testing with Elvatech’s Guns

Agree, it is not always possible to devote a lot of time to the gold analysis process. We are all in a hurry in life, sometimes, there are simply not enough resources to take a product to a specialist. And resources are in short supply, as you know. At such moments, portable gold testing equipment comes to the rescue, which will analyze your material quickly, efficiently, and without unnecessary body movements. It is a technology that you can safely trust and be sure that your product’s quality is appropriate. Elvatech has truly conquered the market with its innovative analyzer and has been proving its leadership in this area for many years. Our portable Guns are comfortable, reliable, and efficient to use.

Precious metals analysis

Benefits of Using Elvatech’s XRF Testing Equipment for Gold

There are a lot of significant advantages of Elvatech’s XRF Testing Equipment:

  • It can accurately identify gold and give it characteristics
  • This one does not damage the material, and it is absolutely safe
  • It can help to prevent dangerous mixing of materials and identifies unwanted impurities
  • All the information will become available in a few minutes of analysis as it is super fast
  • The company cooperates with various international unions for precious metals and guarantees compliance with norms and safety in accordance with international standards. You can trust these guns 100%
  • XRF gold testers are safe for the environment and harmless to food, agriculture, and so on
  • Its size and weight are a huge plus, especially when it comes to transportation

  • Several of these advantages leave no doubt about the choice of a gun for testing gold.

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    You Can Quickly Determine Gold Concentration in various forms

    It doesn’t matter in what format the gold is in your hands. Portable XRF analyzer for gold can scan:

  • Gold bullion
  • Gold ore
  • Jewelry

  • It is convenient and progressive since you do not need to worry about the shape of a gold piece to analyze it. A portable gun can do this in any format.

    Our Gold Testing Equipment

    Of the existing scanner machines, there are several that are most suitable for gold analysis. These are the most popular handheld analyzers ever on the market.

    ProSpector 2

    It is a proven, reliable, and user-friendly XRF analyzer. Thanks to its advanced technology and precise mathematical algorithms, it provides the highest quality measurements quickly. Plus, it’s intuitive and as accurate as possible.

    ProSpector 3

    A newer handheld model, the X-ray fluorescence analyzer, brings new analysis accuracy, speed, and detection limits. It is the smallest and lightest XRF gun on the market with an intuitive and user-friendly software interface. Its algorithms are applicable in various fields: alloys, precious metals, archeometry, plastics, and of course, gold.

    ElvaX Geo

    Compact, economical energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer perfectly goes for both qualitative and quantitative analysis of solids, liquids, and powders.

    ElvaX Jewelry Lab

    This device is more than others aimed at analyzing jewelry and precious metals. The analysis takes only a few seconds, and the result is displayed in both percentages and carats. Also, it detects coatings and non-standard alloys with ease. It is controlled using a special built-in computer with a touchscreen display or the software on your personal computer.
    An excellent balance and even a built-in printer are also integrated there so that you can print analytical certificates indicating the chemical composition, weight, and even the price of the product. Analysis can be performed in any environment – you can test gold at home without any problem. This all making it the ideal benchtop gold testing machine.
    By choosing any of these Elvatech XRF analyzers, you opt for affordability and effectiveness.

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