Designed for high-accuracy analysis of petrochemicals for sulfur content in wide concentration range

ElvaX S Lab is designed especially for analysis of petrochemicals for sulfur content in wide concentration range from 2 ppm to 5%. Many international standards describe analysis method for sulfur in fuel and oil. Sulfur forms damaging sulfates in vehicle exhaust and pollute the atmosphere by sulfur oxides. Furthermore sulfur reduces fuel stability and effects on engine performance. Maximum permissible level of sulfur in fuel decreases from year to year. 2003/17/EC (or EURO VI) directive requires a maximum amount of sulfur in fuel of 10 ppm. ElvaX Sulfur in Oil analyzer fully meets the requirements of ASTM D4294, ISO 8754, ISO 20847, IP 336, ASTM D6445.


Unique configuration of x-ray tube and geometry designed for best sensitivity to sulfur. Limit of detection is only 2 ppm!


Sample preparation is not required for analysis of petrochemicals. Result will be obtained after one minute.


One instrument for any sample analysis of gasoline, oils, lubricating, diesel, crude oil and any other petrochemicals using one instrument. No additional calibration is needed.


  • Low detection limits
  • High speed and accuracy
  • Intuitive interface
  • Autonomous operation as well as connected to a PC
  • Compact, doesn’t take much space on a desk or a counter
  • Ergonomic design with a LED lighting
  • Leakage protection. The movable analyzer stage protects expensive components from the leakage of the investigated petrochemicals

X-ray fluorescence analysis surpasses the rest of analytical methods in terms of speed, accuracy, and simplicity. It’s a non-destructive method, in which analysis is targeted at the spot of interest. 



X-ray tube
Anode: Ag
Wattage: 4W
Voltage: 40kV

X-ray Detector
Type: Fast SDD
Area: 25 mm2 (6 mm2 for Si-PIN)
Energy resolution: 140 eV at Mn Kα, 90 eV at Al Kα
Count rate: 500 000 cps

Signal processor: Digital pulse processor based on 80 MHz DSP
ADC: 4096 channels

Analytical Chamber Dimensions: 185 mm × 212 mm × 90 mm
Weight: 7 kg
Power supply: 90 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz; optional battery
Power consumption: 20 W

Embedded PC
Operating system: Windows © Compact
Analysis algorithms: Regression algorithm, Manual spectra comparison
Data transfer: 2×USB, MicroSD, miniUSB
Screen: 5”, 800×480