Mini laboratory for high-precision analysis in accordance with the RoHS directive

The ElvaX RoHS analyzer is specifically designed to test consumer products for compliance with the RoHS directive. One of the key features of ElvaX RoHS is automatic chlorine correction of calibration, which takes into account the influence of chlorine content in plastics on measurement of heavy metals . This allows for the use of a single calibration to test objects made of various plastics (PVC, PE, etc.) and to avoid possible errors when analyzing products made of unknown materials. Another important feature of the analyzer is automatic correction of the effect of material thickness on the analysis results. The specialized ElvaX RoHS functions and high measuring speed make the device the best solution for this type of work.


Thanks to a highly sensitive SDD detector, the instrument allows to detect hazardous elements in concentrations ten times lower than the minimum acceptable by the RoHS directive


The measurement takes only a few seconds, because the device has a high-speed digital pulse processor with DAS technology and a specially designed conversion filter


Video camera, 5-position collimator changer from 1 to 10 mm, built-in computer and printer, possibility of full-featured operation when connected to a PC


  • High speed and accuracy
  • Intuitive interface
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Compact, does not take up much space on the table
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lead glass and customer display



Dimensions: 280 × 385 × 200 mm
Analytical chamber: 185 × 212 × 90 mm
Weight: 7 kg
Power supply: 90 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 40 W
Battery: 6 hours of continuous operation
Thermal printer: optional

Operating System: Windows CE
Quantitative Analysis: Fundamental Parameters Method (FPA), Empirical Calibrations

Data transfer: 2 USB ports, Micro SD card, Ethernet
Data input: touch screen, keyboard, mouse

DigiX-40 digital x-ray generator (optional digiX-50)
Anode: W
Voltage: 40 kV (50 kV)
Current: 200 μA
Power: 4 W
5-position collimator changer from 1 to 10 mm

Type: Fast SDD (Si-PIN option)
Area: 30 mm² (6 mm² for Si-PIN)
Resolution: < 140 eV (165 eV for Si-PIN) on the Mn Ka line

DPP: DAS (Dynamically Adaptive Shaping)


  • Warranty and Service

    You have chosen an XRF spectrometer or an ELVATECH analyzer, which means that most likely you will not need the information presented in this section. However, even the most reliable equipment may require service.

      ELVATECH provides warranty and post-warranty maintenance of XRF spectrometers and analyzers at the company's service center in Kyiv, at authorized service centers of our representatives in dozens of countries on all continents, as well as at three global service centers in Europe, Asia and America.

      The concept of service from Elvatech is that the maintenance and repair of our XRF spectrometers is not the center of the company's income, but a loyalty program for our customers. Service is carried out quickly, efficiently and on a non-profit basis. This approach greatly reduces the cost of using our XRF spectrometers and analyzers and provides maximum comfort for our customers.
  • Payment and Delivery

    ELVATECH delivers its products, XRF spectrometers and analyzers, to customers from all over the world. Delivery is carried out by courier services both directly from our enterprise on the terms of CPT, Incoterms 2020, and through a network of representative offices located in many countries on all continents on the terms of DDP.

      The delivery time is from one to four weeks and depends on the type of spectrometer, the required calibrations and the availability of finished instruments in stock.

      The equipment is usually delivered after receiving 100% payment to our bank account. For regular partners and dealers, individual payment terms are provided.