ElvaX Art – XRF analyzer is designed specifically for art analysis

The ElvaX Art analyzer is a new unit to join the family of portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometer systems produced by Elvatech. This portable mobile analyzer, designed specifically for art analysis, includes a CCD camera and a small beam. This makes it possible to accurately measure a small selected section of an immobile artifact, painting, or metal article. The ElvaX Art system is designed to be used with the ElvaX software package and a desktop or laptop computer, creating a powerful tool, more versatile than typical handheld or desktop systems. Compared to other techniques, the analyzer has the advantage of being non-destructive, multi-elemental, fast, and cost-effective.


CCD camera and a narrow x-ray beam allow you to precisely aim at the desired analysis site.


The analytical head of the ElvaX Art system can be mounted on the manual or motorized dual-axis positioning stage, or on the robotized arm. The lightweight of the system is only 2.5 kg – makes it easy to transport it to the right place.

Wide range of analysis

ElvaX Art system can detect and analyze light elements from Mg (12) to S (16), and a wide range of others – from Cl (17) to Pu (94).


  • CCD camera and a small beam allow you to accurately measure the required area of a work of art, even if the size of this area is in a couple of millimeters
  • The ability to detect elements with a concentration below 10 ppm
  • TFT LCD screen size is 5”, 10x magnification

The ElvaX Art system can be used to qualitatively analyze and identify elements in mineral pigments, such as Titanium, Lead, Chromium, Copper, Zinc, Iron, etc. Additionally, it will determine elements in glass, ceramic, and obsidian, as well as precious & non-precious metals assay. The analyzer also is utilized for stone tools and metal artifact identification or with numerous museum artifacts.

With non-destructive x-ray fluorescence, objects and samples remain intact and unharmed.



Digital X-Ray Source
Anode: W, Rh
Voltage: 4 – 40 kV (optional 50 kV)
Current: Tube Current 0 – 200 uA

X-Ray Detector
Type: Large area SDD
Resolution: < 140 eV & Mn Ka

Measurement Capabilities
Detectable range – Cl (17) – Pu (94)
Optional light elements range – Mg (12) – S (16)
Detectable concentration below 10 PPM for most elements in a light Matrix

Beam size: 0.2 mm to 4 mm, manual
Dimensions: 174 x 143 x 172 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Power Supply: 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz,
Max Power Consumption: 20 Watts
Video Screen: TFT LCD screen size is 5”, 10x magnification
Data Acquisition: time 1 – 100 sec.